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R-1234YF Evacuate & Recharge Service

August 18, 2021

As many new vehicle owners today are finding out, new cooling technology is being
utilized today that requires a new kind of refrigerant. This new refrigerant is said to help
improve fuel efficiency while also greatly reducing the harmful effects placed on the
environment. Here is what’s changing, what you need to know, and who can help when
your air conditioner needs service.

134a is a hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant that contains fluorine and hydrogen. 1234YF is a
hydrofluoric-olefin refrigerant developed by DuPont/Honeywell. Similar to 134a, 1234YF
contains hydrogen and fluorine, but also carbon elements as well. The difference is the two
are significantly different when it comes to the harmful effects on the gases contributing to
global warming. 1234YF is better for the environment with a lower global warming
potentialwhile 134a, is a greenhouse gas that is as harmful as carbon dioxide.

At Tuffy, our skilled technicians have the capability along with the new technology to
service your vehicle with this new refrigerant. While the process is still similar, there are
some major differences that could damage your vehicle if not done properly. With all
systems, the refrigerant must be removed, also called evacuated, and pulled into a vacuum
to remove air and moisture.

Our skilled Tuffy technician will hook a specialized fully automated machine to your
air conditioning system, and it will perform a vacuum pressure
test to check for leaks within the system. The machine will proceed only if no leaks are
detected. Once the vacuum test is complete, the system will be given a “pre-charge”
delivering just a 15% charge to the system. During this time, the technician will also test
behind the blower for leaks, where the front evaporator inside the vehicle’s cabin is

Once the machine determines that no leaks are present in the system, it will
complete the recharge and add the rest of the refrigerant into the system. If leaks are
detected, the machine will alert the technician to locate and repair any leaks before
proceeding. This prevents an unnecessary and expensive loss of refrigerant.

We hope this explanation regarding a new kind of air conditioning service helps to guide
you in your understanding of how your vehicle functions. If you happen to experience an
issue or if you just want to learn more, please visit your local Tuffy for more information.

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